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Nectar Vector is a competitive, non-violent game about pollinating flowers with an aesthetic inspired by psychedelic rock.

It's a fast-paced local multiplayer game of risk and reward for 2-4 players. Race to collect flowers and bring them back to your home flower, filling it with pollen. Should you drink the nectar of your flowers to activate a Flower Power, or can you outmaneuver your opponent and deliver the full daisy chain for maximum pollen? Whoever wins, just remember to love each other.

Nectar Vector is a collaboration with Rachel Sala of Salad Monster (twitterwebsite) and A Shell In The Pit (website). Rachel is doing the art and animation and A Shell In The Pit is doing the sound and music.

Nectar Vector is… coming soon.

Art from the latest build:


Footage from a full match at the end of 2017:


Footage from the original prototype: