Short for a Knight

Based in San Francisco, CA

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March 22, 2017



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Nectar Vector


Short for a Knight is a one-person game studio comprised entirely of Seth Rosen. Seth has worked 0 days without getting into an argument with himself.


In 2013, Short for a Knight founder Seth Rosen was working at Klei Entertainment, where he co-developed a prototype for a local multiplayer game. Despite Klei not pursuing the prototype, Seth always believed in the game. So, in early 2017, he had a conversation with his old boss, Jamie Cheng, who generously agreed to sell the game to Seth for a single American dollar. Shortly thereafter, Seth established Short for a Knight and sought out collaborators to help him finish the game, now called Nectar Vector.

Short for a Knight is a place for Seth to make things with good humans. It's a place for making the games that we want to see in the world. It's a place where we push ourselves to explore design ideas, asking ourselves questions like "what does a competitive game without violence look like?", "how would a horror game that takes place entirely in daylight work?", or "can we reflect the physical layout of a controllers' inputs in the player's abilities?" For now, all of our focus is on Nectar Vector, but you never know what long-dormant idea we'll pick up next.



Nectar Vector Gameplay Footage YouTube



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Seth Rosen on Twitter

Personal twitter for Seth Rosen (@SIRrosen) available at twitter.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Seth Rosen

Designer & Programmer, Short for a Knight

Gordon McGladdery

Audio & Music, A Shell in the Pit

Jesse Turner

Artist, Freelancer

Chris Maire

Programmer & Game Developer, Game Jam Friend