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Inspired by 1960s psych rock, Nectar Vector is a non-violent, competitive game about pollinating flowers. It's a fast-paced local multiplayer game of risk and reward for 2-4 players. Race to collect flowers and bring them back to your home flower, filling it with pollen. Should you drink the nectar of your flowers to activate a Flower Power, or can you outmaneuver your opponent and deliver the full daisy chain for maximum pollen? Whoever wins, just remember to love each other.


Nectar Vector was originally conceived as a prototype called Flower Powers, with the initial work done by Seth Rosen, Kevin Forbes, and Gordon Moran during a game jam at Klei Entertainment. The trio wanted to make a competitive non-violent local multiplayer game that generally had a positive and happy vibe to it. The prototype was a big hit in the office and Seth immediately knew that he wanted to finish the game at some point. Four years later, he got permission from Kevin and Gordon to continue development and then approached Jamie Cheng, his former boss at Klei, to discuss acquiring the game. Jamie agreed to sell Seth the game for $1 USD and, once the contract was signed, Seth founded Short for a Knight to develop the game.


  • Elegant and exciting competitive local multiplayer.
  • Mind-bending art by Jesse Turner and sound by Gordon McGladdery (A Shell in the Pit).
  • No violence whatsoever, but lots of love.


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Nectar Vector Credits

Seth Rosen

Designer & Programmer, Short for a Knight

Rachel Sala

Art & Animation, Salad Monster

Gordon McGladdery

SFX & Music, A Shell in the Pit

Kevin Forbes

Programmer & Designer

Gordon Moran

Artist & Designer