PAX West Bound!

I'm apparently a glutton for punishment, because I decided today, about a month before the show, to take Nectar Vector to PAX West. I'm just going to be showing it informally, so relative to a full booth presence, I don't have much to do. But oh my god, I still have so much to do! For the next few weeks, I'll be heads down getting materials together and working on the game as much as I can before the show. If you're going to be at PAX and want to play the game, come find me! Easiest way to do that is to get at me on twitter (or on my personal twitter). Or, if you're press, here's a press kit.

As a warm up for PAX, I'm also going to be bringing Nectar Vector to the first Playcrafting event in San Francisco: Summer Play, which takes place on Wednesday August 23. You can get more info here. If you're local to SF, come hang out!

In preparation for heading to PAX (and because I've started submitting to some shows), I put together a little video that has some gameplay footage from the game as it stands today. It's still using prototype art and sound (which means that the aesthetic direction for some of what you'll see doesn't quite match my vision). That said, hopefully it still gives you a sense of what it's like to play Nectar Vector (note: I only had time to capture 1v1 footage for now). Check it out.