Two Names Enter, One Name Leaves

I changed the name of the game! It's now called Nectar Vector! 

I've known for a while that the game needed a name change. Nearly every time I showed the game to someone, they would refer to it as "Flower Power" (note the missing 's' at the end). This seemingly small error meant that if they went home and tried to search for it, they would be up shit creek--all they would get back is pages about the actual Flower Power movement (and, if they added "game" to the end of their query, they'd find a bunch of games that weren't mine). I brainstormed stuff for a while, periodically pestering friends and family to weigh in on my latest idea. At the end of it, I considered something closer to 30 names, but that's not a dumb Mad Max joke (turns out naming stuff is really hard). I tried stuff that made puns on flowers/bees/honey, stuff that riffed on famous Beatles songs, stuff that felt like it could be a psych rock song title. None of them stuck, none of them felt quite right. And then, one night I was reading an article about pollination and the words "nectar" and "vector" both made an appearance. And I was like, "Hey! Those words rhyme!" And, in fact, rhyming and alliteration are common patterns in psych rock song titles, so it sort of satisfied that desire. I was feeling really good about it--feeling like I maybe, just maybe, had finally found the new name for the game in "Nectar Vector". I asked tons of people and didn't get any negative reactions (and lots of positive ones).

After a week or so of shopping it around and getting impressions, I knew this was it. The new name was Nectar Vector. So, I bought and wrote this post.